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Value for Life


I once read a story about a man that was invited to a conference to deliver a speech, on getting to the stage, he brought out a 500naira bill from his pocket and asked the audience if they want the money, of course they all indicated that they want it,even the rich and classy people seated at the conference all wanted it, but instead of calling out someone and giving it to them, he dropped the...

Lessons From The Prison Break


The prison break film is a story of how a successful civil engineer- Michael, deliberately sets himself up to go to jail in order to set his innocent brother who is on death roll free. It is a film that unveils intense preparation, planning, the calculated risk taking, relationship management, sacrifice, negotiating e.t.c. In this film Michael tattoos himself with a cleverly concealed plan of the...

Investment In Nigeria


Wealthzone+ Plus: Wealthzone as been around for a while, not as long as Nospetco. Wealthzone actually has a website –, this website provides details about their operations, and what they offer. Wealthzone offers 10% returns guaranteed on 1Million Naira. When they started they were giving 10% on much less than a million as well, not any more. To sign up with Wealthzone you...