The Words of The Flower


The Words of the Flower I Found Down the road that leads to Ipaja On the path I walk, I found a flower With stems of ruby and a petal of gold Adorn with dews from the morning mist My heart was lighted and I made to touch The tender rim that glowed in the morning sun But she closed her petals and withdrew her style Afraid I will pluck and end her gait Then a butterfly came and a bee with stings...

Nigerian Artiste ORESEGUN OLUMIDE of Yabatech is ART It Again


A few weeks ago I bragged about the incomparable artistic prowess of the art-borne children of Yusuf Grillo in Yaba College of Technology during the revelation of Eluagu William for his heroic pet bottle sculpting that adorn the frontage of the School of Art in Yabatech, little did I know that I had actually belittled my great Alma Mater by describing her as “The Art-Beat of Nigeria“...

The Confused Scientist – Williams Johnson Fortune


I know quite a number of people that are MAD and I roll with them, but since the day I found this “Confused Scientist”, my desire to be the ‘Difference’ in my MAD drive as gone super. Williams is one hell of a man and I am still confused as to why he decided to become a Computer Scientist like me instead of a lawyer or maybe a Political Scientist or Life Coach (I think our...