No Cash, No Wahala! Meet The Homeless Man Who Collects Alms With Credit Cards


The Professional Homeless Man I was caught unawares yesterday when I found the story about a homeless man in America who calls himself a professional homeless man, collects alms with credit cards  and owns a website that he uses for getting menial jobs (especially snow shoveling snow during winter) and collecting alms as well. What caught me unawares was not the fact that he was collecting credit...

Asurf Films Storms UNILAG with “A Day With Death”


It’s freshers night in UNILAG on Friday and it’s going to be a more exciting one this year as Asurf Films Ltd. storms UNILAG tomorrow afternoon with “A Day With Death”, a short film that has been screened in five continents and in over 11 cities around the world as it is screened publicly for a non-select audience for the first time in Nigeria. The evening will also...