Diary of a Limitless Employee


It is important to dream, it is more important to stay awake while you dream because going to sleep might present you a semblance of your dream, but being awake will definitely keep you moving towards the dream. I am awake, and still walking towards the dreams I had awake. #StayWoke

How To Stay Untouchable and Immune to Corona Virus (COVID-19)


I was particularly excited this morning to find out on Twitter that Mauritania is now 100% free from the novel Corona Virus also known as COVID-19, or for the sake of political correctness “The Chinese Virus”. I hope you didn’t misread that has “Marijuana”? It’s Mau-Ri-Ta-Nia, a whole country in sub-saharan Africa with an estimated population of 4,649,658 as at today according to UN data, so this...

Yabatech Students Riot Shutdown School Activities Over Death of Student, Blamed on Negligence of Medical Staff


Yabatech Students Riot Shutdown School Activities Over Death of Student It has been a sour taste on the lips of every student and members of staff of Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech) since the eventful death of (Late) Ms. Charity Dazan, a final year 1st class student (HNDII) of The Department of Office Technology Management (OTM) and the best of the department with a CGPA of 4.93. The...