Chike! Chimamanda! Chimobi and Others.


I know a little bit about everything and that’s the problem with me. Whenever there is a conversation, I always jump out of the blues with my factual perspective, I submit assertions and arrive at conclusions without even listening enough or sampling other perspectives and experiences because as far as I am concerned, I already know what they know, maybe a little bit but it is good enough. This...

The Beautiful Bread Seller – From Selling Bread On The Streets of Yaba To The Front Page of Thisday Style In One Week


Her story indeed got me emotional a little bit, not because of any screwed sad turn or twist in her journey, but because her transformation was unprecedented, and totally engineered by divine providence. Their is gold everywhere, the miners will know it is gold when they see it in the rawest form but the finest of jewellers will see dirt at least. Here’s the beautiful story of Olajumoke...