Olajumoke Oni Breadi, A Product of Right Attitude – by Ola Omidiji


For the past few week, the social media has been awash with the inspiring story of this bread seller turned model Olajumoke. I am sure this is not only trending on social media, her case would have been used as analogy in religious institutions (churches and mosques) asking people to pray to be at the right place at the right time. I think being at the right place at the right time with the right...

No Cash, No Wahala! Meet The Homeless Man Who Collects Alms With Credit Cards


The Professional Homeless Man I was caught unawares yesterday when I found the story about a homeless man in America who calls himself a professional homeless man, collects alms with credit cards  and owns a website that he uses for getting menial jobs (especially snow shoveling snow during winter) and collecting alms as well. What caught me unawares was not the fact that he was collecting credit...

Welcome To Church, The New Animal Farm


Growing up in a Catholic church definitely taught me a lot of things I wouldn’t even know today if I was born in Pentecostal or perhaps a different sect in the religious circle. It shaped my core value system, and contrary to people’s believe and assumption, the church taught me religious tolerance in practical terms, even amidst the fear of me “seeing the so-called light” a lot of people find...