God Does Not Reward Giving – KBV


God Does Not Reward Giving – King Babaolowo’s Version (KGV) I sometimes read the Bible just for the beauty of it (Not because I go to church). It is one of the many books that inspires and teaches me about the right path through life (especially from Matthew up), and I read it devoid of the religious clout around it. It is a history book, not some sacred text because the life and time...

Welcome To Church, The New Animal Farm


Growing up in a Catholic church definitely taught me a lot of things I wouldn’t even know today if I was born in Pentecostal or perhaps a different sect in the religious circle. It shaped my core value system, and contrary to people’s believe and assumption, the church taught me religious tolerance in practical terms, even amidst the fear of me “seeing the so-called light” a lot of people find...