Diary of a Limitless Employee


Whatever your hands find to do is more than enough for the season you are currently in so do it well, but don’t be satisfied with doing what you have well, be committed to building yourself as well because most of the time, the knowledge you need to do what you do now is not enough for what the future requires. You’ve used your past to prepare for now, use your now to prepare for a future you...

The Danger of a Second Hand Gospel!


The Danger of a Second Hand Gospel! 1. Eve didn’t hear from God directly, she heard from Adam. So when the serpent came, she had a different version from what God said. 2. The sevens sons of Sceva were thoroughly trashed by evil spirits. They preached in the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches. 3. God sent the Babylonians to plunder the Children of Israel. They did not know God for themselves...