More Antidotes for the Cure of Poverty!


More Antidotes:

The cure for poverty is truly good information, Good news, positive and impacting/life-changing information, but for a complete overhauling and overwhelming cure of poverty, there is the need for a right mind and a positive attitude required on ones side in order to have a life changing experience when you get the good information. You need a ready mind that is geared towards the positive to feel the full effect of the good information, you need to be designed for success and not just success but great success, and you have to possess a positive heart in order to identify which is good information. Even if you are poor in the physical realm, you need to enrich the real you, the inner man for you to be able to tap into the blessings of God, you need to have the ability to discern and identify the right information so that your riches can me made manifest in the physical.

Remember the story of the widow in the Bible? She had A JAR OF OIL but she never knew that what she’s got is more than enough for her to get out of her poor state, but she had the right mind. Elijah came with the good information and when Elijah asked her,” what do you have?” she answered “I have nothing” but then she remembered and rephrased her answer “I have nothing but A JAR OF OIL”. There and then, Elijah asked her to get all the drums, barrels and pots she could gather from anywhere and anyhow she could get it and bring it to the her house. Once that was done, the pouring began and every vessel she was able to gather was filled to the brim with oil from the little jar she had.

She received this riches and blessing not because she was the smartest woman in that city, or the most intelligent, if she were that clever she wouldn’t be left with just a jar of oil, but because she had the right mind and believed, she was able to identify the good news when she heard it, and she tapped into it, acted upon it and her poverty was cured forever.

You and I can also be cured off our poverty forever only if we can begin now to have a positive heart and a right mind that is carved towards success. Put your ears to the ground for the Good news and create the mind and an enabling environment so that you will be able to discern and act fast and effectively when it comes.

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