I Believe Do You?


It is true that a lot of Nigerians are tired of the incessant erratic situation of Naija of today; we are all yearning for a change, a good and positive change.

Do You Believe?

Have you ever given it a thought, do you believe that Naija can be new again. We believe and that is why a new set of Nigerians that not only believe but are ready to pay the price to effect this changes are out already , flying the flag of a new Naija, fighting tooth and nail to create a new and positive image for Nigeria and Nigerians @ home and abroad. We are all out to knock poverty out from it roots and build a new Naija of our dreams by ourselves and for us all, rather than wait for a Yar Adua that you and I might never get to see until he’s gone. We at the new Naija club (NNC) are going ahead with the little we’ve got to do good that will affect the common man and even the government of the day, forcing them to turn a new leaf out of either shame or necessity or change of heart.

If you Believe!

The new Naija club is a design created by young Nigerian professionals for all believing Nigerians. This club is a mastermind work created to give you and me an unsullied sense of belonging and a part in nation building and development. Your believe in this laudable initiative give you and edge, makes you a special citizen of Naija and books you more than a special place in the history of this nation because it makes you a special part of the new Naija you want and will live to see.

Because you Believe!!

If you believe in this dream, you are special. That is why a powerful network marketing tool which gives you a special opportunity to generate substantial recurring income, and products and deals that meets your everyday needs are made available just because you believe. Some more benefits and deals are steadily being created continuously, to show how well you are appreciated for believing and pushing forward to act on what you believe.

We Believe in You!!!

We appreciate the virtue of believers in the NNC, that is why the benefits of being a part of this movement are not just interesting, but they are also broken into two concepts. The wonderful deals which is available to all members of the club and the mind blowing compensation plan where members can earn savings, commissions and steady income. The compensation plan is optional because not all can do what it takes.

A few of the opportunities that exist for members of NNC in form of deals includes but are not limited to the following:

Market Price
· Cheapest Nokia Phone: N6000
· Monthly Payment: Variable(Non is less than N2100)
· Rate to other PTO’s: N10 per min
· Rate to Non-PTO: Variable ( Non is less than N25)
NNC Members Price
· Cheapest Nokia Phone: N5700
· Rate to other NNC members: Free across the country
· Reduced rates to other lines

Mobile Phone: 5%
Call rate: Less than 100% (As much as you want to talk on the network)

ANNUAL (projected) SAVINGS
N90000 if you speak for 30mins daily
Other benefits: Current owners of starcomms line can migrate to the special package

Starcomms Evdo – PCMCIA slot compatible
Market PriceModem: N26500Monthly Payment: N15950
Club PriceModem: N10000Monthly Payment: N12500
DiscountModem: >62%Monthly Payment: >21%
Annual Savings: N57900 (club membership fee immediately back in your pocket and more)
All modems being made available to club members will be pre loaded with 1 month’s payment. We are required to pay the total of N22500. Members are also allowed to upgrade their current modems to club member status, and begin paying 12,500 effective from their next month’s payment.

For members who have always wanted to own their own land, this dream as become more achievable with the unimaginable discount available to NNC members. You can now own a plot of land at prime Estate in Mowe @ a 60% discount, you can even pay at this discounted rates in installment for plots at the rate of N18k for 18 months. The beauty of this deal is that the land is situated very close the site of the Proposed Lagos MegaCity Project.

Health they say is wealth, this is no longer a say for NNC members, and it is a reality. Members can now enjoy unequaled health package at over 150% discount from a Leading HMO in Nigeria on some of the best health facilities in the country. We were able to secure a deal with a reputable HMO that has over 100 hospitals (and increasing) in its coverage. We were able to negotiate for a comprehensive medical cover that takes care of all of the following items
General and Specialist ConsultationMedical TreatmentPrescriptions and MedicinesLaboratory InvestigationX-Ray InvestigationsNormal and Assisted DeliveryBasic Eye TreatmentBasic Dental CareDiagnostic ProceduresAccident and Emergency TreatmentLocal Transport and AmbulanceImmunization as Delineated by NPIPreventive HealthcareAnnual Physical ExaminationMinor Surgical ProceduresPhysiotherapyFamily PlanningBasic Gynecological CareAdmission in Double Bedded Ward (additional 1k for single bedded)Intermediate Surgical ProceduresOptical Care Including LensesAnnual Physical and Medical ExaminationDelivery by Caesarean SectionMajor Surgical ProceduresComprehensive Medical ExaminationCT Scan and MRI
As an NNC member, you can have all this covered by just paying N20000 per annum as an individual or for N75000 per annum as a family of 6. Even if your wife gives birth twice within 12months, it is paid for already.

A leading outfit based in London that deals in exquisite male outfit and female shirts and effect offers NNC members discount ranging between 20-40% on every of their purchase. Now I am feeling special!

This is the nation’s flag carrier and operates scheduled international, regional and domestic passenger services. Discounts are available on all routes. Interested?

They fly the nation’s flag in their colors as well; maybe that is why they are the first food outlet to strike a deal with us. A good lunch at sweet sensation cost a minimum of N660 + waterJ, NNC members pay less. There are special prepaid vouchers that members can now purchase for N610 but which real value is N660 for a good lunch. N50 might be small but little drops make an ocean. You can tell your friends about it. This is not only a cost savings; it’s an opportunity to show your friends that we have privileges everyday… and soon everywhere!

The New Nigeria Club also has a reward system where you can earn income by referring people to join the club. The compensation plan is broken into 3 stages;

stage 1: Old Nigeria =N=10,000($80)

stage 2: Transition =N= 40,000($320)

stage3: New Nigeria =N=650,000($5200)

with bonus 5 level deep.

The Joy of Believing!!!

This club is not all about what you get; it’s more about what you give. Your joining us and becoming a member of the NNC brings joy to the lives of the less privilege in the society. Since the pre-launch of the NNC a month ago, efforts as been made to make bring back smiles to the faces of those that have not a single reason to smileJ. Hospitals are visited daily and a lot of emergency situation are being rescued financially or just by giving the broad shoulders of the NNC to lean on.

Children and staff of the Remand Home in Oregun are still smiling at the good deeds of the NNC, now they have portable water, computers and good learning instructors, more good to their belly and a nice and cozy bed to lay their heads on at night. A visit to the Modupe Cole charity home in Akoka will give you more reasons to be a part of this movement, just telling the proprietress of the home that you are from new Naija will earn you the biggest smile in town and a hero’s welcome. Now their food and food-stuffs are no longer getting spoilt because they now have a big freezer, new water dispensers and constant supply of water. Their bigger playing ground is now under construction because the kids tends to play a lot (they take care of retarded but special kids), a show room is on it way for displaying the beautiful works of this kids, and the 100% voluntary staff capacity are now getting rewarded for their love and care, the health package for the kids as been boosted, and all this and more is courtesy NNC. A visit to the Little Saint Orphanage will show you that little things count, the presence of NNC is more pronounced but in the little ways in the hearts of the little ones.

Let Others Believe in YOU!!!!

Re-orientation seminars are being organized in the higher institutions all over Naija to create in the mind of the youths a netter picture of the Naija we all desire. NNC is not doing this alone, we are enlisting the service of people who have been doing it at their own expense and have passion for it. You too can me a part of it all.
Where do you stand? For or against… the fact is that a new Naija is already born in the hearts of millions of Nigerians, NNC is designed and structured to appreciate this great hearts, and nurture their dreams and our desire into a real reality in the years just ahead. We dream 2020; your membership of the NNC could make this dream a reality in a shorter time frame. Let’s go all out and make Naija Ochara and Tear rubber again.
Proof You Believe!!!!!

Membership of this great mastermind is strictly by invitation, which is why I am inviting you now. Membership of the NNC like any other club attracts a registration fee and the token for this is N30000. The registration fee is not an investment, it is a non-refundable fee, all the deals and benefits of NNC come naturally with the membership and for all members.

Visit www.NewNigeriaClub.net/enyola now and JOIN US. Think about it, do not procrastinate, Act now.

I Believe do YOU?

Call or text: 08060248253
Email me: eniola_onebox@yahoo.com

Our Value

Problem Solvers – We are solutions to problems and not Problem Creators

Aspirational – We aspire for greatness, as individuals and as a people. We are conscious about our environment, about our nation and about the legacy we are leaving with our words and actions.

Timely – We value time and make the best of it.Role Models – We live lives worthy of emulation.

Integrity – We say what we mean, we mean what we say, we live transparent lives.

Outstanding – We have clear areas of talent and we strive to be the best at what we are naturally good at.

Trustworthy – we can be trusted to do the right thing at all times. We live by the spirit and letter of the Law.

Impactful – We live lives that make a positive impact on the lives of others around us everywhere we go. We have the courage of our convictions.

Compassionate – A candle loses nothing by lighting up another candle. We care and show how much with our words and actions.

We are our brothers’ keepers.
The acronym that makes up our values and ideals is

PATRIOTIC; we want to live to make God and country Proud.
As members of New Nigeria Club, we agree to share these values and be bound by these ideals.

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