Origin of Man: The good and the better account

Scientist believe that man originated as a result of evolution from simple organisms some billions of years ago, that evolution started as the needs arises for organisms to adapt to their environments. So man evolved from the stage of simple organisms to the stage of amphibians through to the stage of Homo sapiens sapiens, and along the evolution line brachiating from the reptilian to the amphibian and aves stages. From fossils in record, millions of years ago the homo stage appeared (evolved). Looking at the homo evolutionary history and not forgetting their forebearers the australopithecines, we could infer that taking into account the vivid changes from Homo habilis to the stage of Homo sapiens; “man has indeed evolved (grown). With specific information given about dates from radiocarbon datings and explicit explanations given about its cranial growth, not eliminating his obvious changing physic (i.e. changes in the tooth cups patterning and even his hip joint) ability to stand erect (homo erectal age).

It is my opinion that no account of man’s origin or evolution should be counted as irrelevant or useless as each account almost gives the same explanation except in a different ways.

According to the bible God created man in his own image after his likeness, but it was not stated that man was God’s first creation; in fact man was the last he created and that was after he has made every other thing. First God created light and separated it from darkness thereby initiating seasons, which explains the scientific opinion about changes in the atmosphere, then the combinations of different atoms to form life on the sea(in water) the bible also says that God created sea animals and plants and all this existed before man came into being. Now considering these two accounts we can draw inferences that will make us understand that one account is just a better explanation of the other. In the beginning both accounts being considered agree that the earth was without form and void (misty and dark), and that there was a change as a result of which life sprung up on earth. According to the bible, God initiated a change and to the scientist some things happened which caused the change in the earth temperature and made the air spirals to conjure then forming the present different features that the earth possesses i.e. the land, sea, atmosphere and sky. Let there be light, the “Big Bang Theory”.

According to “Genesis chapter one verse six” God made air to separate into two parts, the water below (sea) and those above (sky). Due to the changes of atmospheric conditions of the earth the scientist believe that at a certain time it became conducive for atoms to combine and form life and thus the stages of evolution is explained. The bible also takes this into account and reading through Genesis chapter one it could be explained that God created light the first day, sky the second day, dry land and plants the third day, the forth day sun, moon and stars, fifth day fish and sixth day birds land animals and man, on the seventh day he rested.

Since scientist argue about the time difference and insist that the creation story of seven days could not be, it should be considered that biblically a day to God is like ten thousand years to man and we also know that the biblical account of creation was not recorded history, but a revelation; considering that a day in God sight is equal to ten thousand years to man, therefore we could say that the evolution (creation) of man to seventy thousand years or more and also putting in mind that the number of days from the time of man’s creation to his fall was not stipulated: it could have taken several thousand of years or even more.(The radio carbon dating do not give accurate dates).

The cause of life that the scientists try to explain is God, and the time estimation that the bible does not explain is explained in the scientific datings

By: Oderinlo Olamide (200level Archeology Student UI)
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  • When i first came across this post on helium, i knew immediately that she wrote it. naturally this are some of the topics we sit down to analyse as a family and sometimes it takes us into the wee hours of the nite.. 🙂

    It is very true that God Created every other thing before man came into being and if the scientist thinks man evolved from one stage to another i don’t mind.. because GOd did all things following a checklist and obviously one must come after another.. the missing like is that it wasnt one that evolved to another, but each was created to exit alone but depending on the others for it’s survival.

    I guess the Amphibians are the first form of life to walk the surface of the earth so if their traces were the earliest as dated by science, i believe it is true but no frog or catfish became Adam. The interdependency of this different forms of life can not be euloguized because it’s so complex beyond the reach of any telescope or research material. they are spirit and they are life and since accounts of creation revealed unto Moses were not calendar dated or wristwatch timed, the seven days can easily be referred to as seven Dimensions involved in the creation of life because according to this account the Earth was existing before anything was added to it. remember the bible only said the earth was without form and void and not that God created Planet earth afresh, if the scientist thinks the earth is 600billion years old, they could be right and since no man know how long Adam and eve lived, we can’t deduced the age of the earth according to the biblical account because it was a revelation and not a tales.

    Carbon dating is sure not precise but its datings are very close to the dates attributed to this accounts if we are to believed that Our God operates in a realm where no time or date determines or can be used analyze His activities, rather he gave the revelations in a structured manner so we can all know that it all happened one after the other in an orderly manner where one is always completed before another begins. It’s the principle of checklisting, orderliness and precision.

  • I do not think any Christian should be afraid of where good science leads us. Christ said He is the Truth and so every search in any subject matter will invariably lead to Christ–“….in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” Col. 2:2. There should be little disagreement on the
    evidence, but there can be much disagreement on how the data should be interpreted.

    Our acceptance and larger perception of this stance of science will always lead to the truth and this truth is that which God represents

  • My brother, to say the least, you did a good job here. I commend your effort at marrying both science and the bible as per evolution, creation, and the origin of man,something many christians are scared of…lol
    Well, i was not too surprised when i discovered your course of study.

    Keep it up!

By Babaolowo