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Now I am back and I can’t stop thanking God because he brought me back here safe and sound. Been doing a lot of things while i was away from here…getting things done and most of all giving my best to that which is right, good and pleasing so help me God, working and operating in the light of the scripture so that I don’t rupture God’s plan and purpose for my life.

I have been of the camp… we are on break, for a while now so I have not been reading anything that has to do do with computers so to say, but been reading some books and some novels in particular. I read a particular novel “The Last Man Standing” can’t remember the author right now and it actually took me close to four days to chew it off. Not because the book was that big, but every line of it held a special meaning to me, the most interesting part of the  novel that kept me reading was not the intels I got on the FBI , but it was the way the subconscious was explore and used to determine and control the outcome of the conscious. This brought back the lessons I learnt at the first PlatForm of last year from Leke Alders teaching titled “Doxology GSM Methodology”. So intoxicating was the bits i picked from the novel that i actually went down to church to get the message again so i can listen and listen and re-energize myself with life changing words that are written and spoken to uphold God’s standard for my life

Read the pdf of the teaching up and experience the law of lift because we know that the existence of “Possible” presupposes the existence of “Impossible”. And so “Impossible” is not a word describing the unattainable. It is actually a realm unbound by the limitations of space-time, and  learn how to create something outside spacetime and drag it into space-time because When the impossible manifests in space-time, there is advancement, progression is made and capital is

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