Thank You


Thank you,

To all who heard and cared
To all who celebrated it with a rueful smile
To all who quivered with fear, love and care
And those who smiled that I lost my smile
I wanna say a BIG Thank You

To all who stood by me through the pains
Physically and in their hearts of hearts
To all who flinched at sound of it
Praying and hoping that I will smile again
All I wanna say is Thank You

To friends who gave their all
And still felt it was not enough
And that fair maiden I say Thank You
For foes who smiled or cried
Not knowing t’was because they cared
To all I say Thank You

It is with a grateful heart I reach out to all
Whether you care or not, I don’t care
But all I want you to know is that
I have never felt loved like this before
From friends and foe alike

Tell Owoso that I am still alive
And our dear NACOSS
That I’m still a pain in their ass
Tell Adedayo Adeosun
That I’m saying a Big Thank You
With a capital “BIG”

And if you find your name on this list
Or somewhere in within it
You should smile and if not on it smile again
Cos’ it mean you are a part of me
But if it’s twice or more it means you are a thief
Cos’ you’ve stolen my heart away…….

To Sola Runsewe — A Big Thank You
And Runsewe Olusola — A Bigger Thank you
Adegunle Samson —You are a thief
And Sammylee — Thanks a Quadrillion Times

Adedayo Adeyomoye — Sometimes you make me wonder
Ali-Belo and Belo Ali — Thank you but this spot is still for Sola
Bricklayer Buki — You are a pretty bad fwend
Opeyemi Dozen-J — I know you dig my smile

BOY girl — Thanks for going the whole mile
Chamé — Thanks for being an extra-miler
Debbie and Deborah — It’s all about welfarism
Luchi Mama — Daalu a million timez

Anderline of God — I know you care, thank you so much
Biodun Girl — What kinda daughter are you?
Abbey Banj — Thank you Thank you
Big Paulie — I appreciate you more than u can imagine
Shogie Wale — Thanks a Bunchs

Moye & Moye’s — I know you care, you be thief
Sammy of God — What will I do without you?
Alhaja mi Owon — You bring the best outta me
Shynin star — I love you too
Ay Lajibutu & Timi — You make me head spin
Either your name is here or not — There is not living without you!

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