To the leaders that will be when we leave in pursuit of wisdom and stability
To thee we pass the mantle of power and the touch of exploit
Thread the paths we were too afraid to dare
Go to places we were too afraid to visit
Touch the lives we won’t be around to ho! and ha!!

Where we fell and stood up again, move on
Walk with gallant strides and produce the best in it
Because our failure is not failure at all
It is like light to your path and lamp to your feet
It is like a compass, showing you the direction in which to go

Fear not the barking of the toothless dog
Neither be scared of the howling of a hungry one
Stand where we stood and touch where we couldn’t reach
Bite more than you can chew
And let God do the chewing for you

Cos we were scared and we bite a little
We forgot that God as placed in us the power to do
That which we can think or imagine at all
We underestimated our prowess and capabilities
But now we know that our best was not enough
So go all out and be better than the best

Do not be afraid of the shining edge of GP
The title that surrounds a man does not a make him a chief
Neither does the story of conquest at war make a man a warrior
Only the battles you’ve won or lost
Plays the tune of victory or the agony of defeat

Do not be afraid of what you can do or how great you can become
To be afraid is in the nature of man, an eminent beginning of failure
Rather, let not your heart be troubled
Because HE who made you did for a purpose
Do not struggle to define your purpose
Rather strife to discover and live
Live to enjoy the glory of this great discovery

For the sake of integrity
Never take an oath you won’t live to honour
Never say “I…………..” when it is defined within you that you can’t
Never say a word just for the pride of life
Your word is your bond; honour it with every second in you

Being a leader is standing tall even on death grounds
Look around you, you will see
Look within you, you will know
What we see and feel is nothing near leadership
But you can change the paradigm if we can’t

“Be the change you want to see” (M.Ghandi)
Cos “The tomorrow you seek and the change we long to see is you “

I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo

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