This piece of white jotting pad I am writing on is indeed a clean slate, so clean it is that it is without lines or margins, header of footer. The words I write on it today makes it and the things I write here and now on this piece of paper today will be on it forever if not destroyed. The ink I write with today is not erasable but yet can be modified for reason that could be either negative or positive by manipulating it, but the content I give it today stands as it value as long as it is seen or hidden without being altered or modified, whatever it acquires now defines it for as long as it exists.

A drawing will make this paper an art piece, an article or write-up will make it a good source of information while quotes, ideas, ideologies and quotations will make it a lasting source of inspiration. Just like the human mind, a “Tabula Rasa”, our action and reactions are defined by data acquired and information gathered along the way. The definition of the human mind is as a result of the product of his experiences and content, while the value placed on it is the brain child of its personality, breed from his behavior and disposition.
It is indeed a clean slate for me ‘cos I graduated a few days ago as a Computer Scientist, I will be defending my project a few hours from now and this will be a pitch marker for my new beginning. Soon it will be NYSC but still it will be a whole new experience, fresh and exciting. Like the salty taste of the sea, I can already feel the real world with its mixed taste on my lips; the streets are calling for the arrival of the new king. It’s definitely going to be a fresh start for me, words, ideas and inspiration pouring out from the river within. New wine, new skin but as the newest wine on the block, I will be bursting even the newest of skins on my way, the old skins stand no chance at all. I will be all out brewing new information and presenting fresh ideas on the cleanest and freshest of platters, catching in on new phenomenon with a new dashing look.
I am wiping my slate clean and starting out on this my new beginning with vigor. I have the Blessed assurance that it is going to be “UZOAMAKA” all the way for me on this new slate. It is a race with so many to contend with, but I will always stand out and stand tall uniquely because I am who I am and Christ defines me because he lives in me. Who and What defines you?.
Come join me as I start out afresh in this race that is set before us all. What are you waiting?
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