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The week ended in a crescendo of expected events, Baba Yemo’s wedding, Amed’s late grandma fiddau’s prayer and more… I can not but thank God for His grace and strength to pull through the weekend, Baba gave me the much needed energy.

A few lessons that I learnt during this period are not just invaluable, but irreplaceable. I found the thin line between friends and family, the distinguishing factors between you and the world around you, I noticed why the real reason why I am me and not my brother and I experienced the redefinition of “Loving God and not gold”. It’s so beautiful to be around family again after such a long time, too bad Bob Tolly wasn’t around… pardon me if you don’t know all this people am mentioning, let’s say am sharing that part with God and God alone, Baba am grateful.

Here are the reasons for my being grateful, they are more like lessons I’ve learnt sounding like an advice:

If you are in a relationship, let your friends and family know the other, you don’t know what they might know… I won’t be sharing my reason for this, but be sure it’s important.

Don’t assume everything is fine, there are some things that will always spring up, don’t get caught up in the surprise ring, like the boys scout, be prepared

Never give up on God. I know the time is now according to you, but believe me God’s way are far beyond ours and He knows best. Never stop believing, never stop praying

Be diligent… you will stand before kings.

I will forever be grateful for this and more lessons I can not share but in all am so very grateful

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