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I recently got caught in myself after listening to so many speakers treat the art of creativity from diverse dimensions at the Platform, a thought broke in my head and I came up with this not so obvious conclusion and questions.

Have you ever wondered why the Lord rested on the 7th day of creation, why did He wait until He created U & I in Adam and Eve?

Was God trying to pass a message with the No 7 or He just loved the 7th day and chose to rest in it?

I guess NO.

Then why, what was the reason, did He just got tired?

Heaven NO, He can’t

Was it that He ran out of Ideas?

That’s unthinkable because He can’t ever.

This whole situation leads to one simple answer, a rather indefinite conclusion in my head…

God as placed in U & I the power to create and recreate. He created us from earth and breathed into us HIMSELF, His Nature, Dexterity, all of Him so we can be just HIM. He gave us specific instruction on how to continue with creation, hoping we will adhere and continue with His great works till the end of eternity but we didn’t.

It was accounted that He left the work to rest but I am suspecting God was out creating other planets on the 7th day, hoping we will continue with creation by being Fruitful (Creative), Multiplying (Productive) and Subduing (Dominating) the earth, but as soon as Baba left for “other assignments while resting”, leaving us with the mantle of leadership and all that it takes to create, recreate, produce and dominate, we got knocked out with flattery and went all out for recreation.

We gave away His spot in us, after nothingness forgetting all that is in us, we traded a whole tree for a bite of the fruit it produces, and when the Lord returned we were there, hiding and covering what was never naked at all, we tore the cloak He clothed us with for pleasure.

He sleepeth not nor slumbers but still we feel unsecured day and night

He came back for us but we hide ourselves in disbelief

He re-established Himself in His son

But still we shut our eyes to seeing Him in us

We got the revelation but still we ignore

Forgetting that from the beginning

He created us so He could find a resting place in us

We work and toil

Even when we are suppose to enjoy the spoil of His abundance

We must awake to the fact and truth

He lives and only in us

So we can continue

In His works

We must rise and create

Walk and recreate

We must Asa and Bara

And not just breathe and locomote

We must continue His works

Deep within in our thoughts and imagination

We must find in ourselves today

The whole of Him that He placed in us

We must yes we must

So that on the Sabbath and every other day

The Lord will only awake to our praises and thanks giving

And not to calls for the thing He had placed in us

The power to create and keep alive

NB: Personally I think it’s because of humans that other planets have no living creature on them, by the time God came from creating the planets… we already got something started and we got God so busy He never bordered to add life to other planets leaving them celestial..

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