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Believe me I have made quite a number of enemies today and I had even gotten my foes angry the more just for putting on a football jersey on a match day like this…I know that sounds simple but it’s is not as simple as it sound. I am sitting down here with my friends, putting on a green long sleeve Naija Gear shirt but on it I have an Argentine Jersey. The source of the enmity is the fear of the truth and it’s so so disheartening to see how much humans detest the truth.

It seem so logical for the Argentines to beat the Nigerian team taking into consideration the caliber of players we will be fielding against their team, I am not saying the Argentines will win or that the super eagles can not win but it’s going to be with a stroke of luck if that comes to happen in real reality but from a sane perspective, it is definitely going to be a Maradona’s day. I understand patriotism but sometimes I think we must always align ourselves well with the realities of life by preparing for opportunities that will come naturally rather than wait on fate and hope for results that we know how to get with works.

The reaction and responses of people to this jersey that am wearing today is their real reaction to the situations that we encounter in our daily lives. We see the truth but because of our emotional inclination or attachment, we shelf them and hope for the impossible to happen, we deal with reality with our fantasies and when we ought to be beyond the realms of imaginations, making the things we’ve imagined work, we hold onto our imagination and dwell in it, forgetting that it is only our actions that can bring our thoughts to life. I am putting on this jersey today because I have chosen to deal with the facts of life the way I should, I have come to realize and see things the way they are and am holding unto the lessons am learning daily, using to equip myself and prepare for the birth of the things I have imagine and know will stem into reality. I am reading as if there is no God and praying as if I have not read a thing. I am real and believing God to stick in it.

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