Up Fashola! He’s done good nothing in Ipaja

This is a statement of fact. “There is no road user in living in Ayobo/Ipaja axis of Lagos state that wakes up in the morning everyday without cursing due to theunbelievably deplorable state of the roads in Ayobo and Ipaja”. The churches in the area have started praying every week and hoisting banners, praying that the government will remember Ayobo/Ipaja roads and do something about it, while the Bad Roads of Ipaja as featuredin most of the Ramadan lectures hosted in Ayobo and Ipaja. The Local Council Development Area (LCDA) Chairmen of both Ayobo/Ipaja and Mosan/Okunola respectively have ceased to exist in the hearts of the people because no one knows whether they are dead or alive due to their obvious and never-before-experienced level of inactivity and uncaring existence.
In the heart of Ipaja and Ayobo People, Fashola’s promises of a Bright Rewarding Future (BRF) as been manifested majorly in the influx of more dimension of tax collectors into their communities in form of KAI, LASTMA, VIO and the even more emanding Police extortionists that had made the deplorable status ofthe roads as a reason to stand black-spot at every 100m all under the command of the Alogo Police station. The infrastructures are the craters, boreholes and bucket-holes, freshly dug canals and extensively large gutters, VIO office in place of the football pitch and more while the new facilities installed in place of the old ones are the many abandoned and dead bulldozers that are ready death traps on the road sides with a special one in front of the LCDA office atIgbogila, Inaccessible, unusable roads filled with tonnes of dugout red-earth from abandoned drainage’s and gutters, making the road slippery and dangerous even for trekking or walking as the case maybe, depending on how far you are going because once it rains, the Okadas disappear because with or without helmets, legs are still breakable when you slip and crash..
Sometimes I wonder how much car owners in Ipaja and Ayobo spend on maintaining their cars and self from the bumpy car damaging rides and I pity transporters because I keep wondering “how much do they spend on maintaining their vehicles,VIO, Police, LASTMA and Agberos.” Sometimes tears roll down my eyes when am outside Ipaja and it’s about time I go home.. It even happened when I was leaving Jigawa..felt like I was going to a”toture range”, I think about how long and how hard it will take getting home from Moshalashi to Oluwaga. Phew!
It is true that Fashola is working but”when and where?” The BRT project was Tinubu’s design, Waste management was Tinubu’s project, LASU/OJO road was Tinubu’s, LagosIsland was his work and the very new face of VI was all his doing…the only thing have seen Fashola done is plant flowers, destroy properties in the name of developing something and latter abandoning the project only to bring some more properties down and plant flowersthere for remembrance. Too bad no flowers are planted in Ipaja, they are totally left in reckless abandon. The fence of my local church in Oluwaga, Ipaja as been down for 2 years and it is still down in the name of drainage but the gutter they dug is still open, creating more gullies due to erosion.
It is not only so in Ipaja, take a tour of Surulere, go to Ikoyi and if you must drive through GRA Ikeja and you will see lots of abandoned road projects and plentiful tax collectors. Tinubu’s regime was far more better and humane and there is no proof that this regime is even more credible than his reign.Even if he was a thief, our roads never went this bad before they get repaired or patched as we always have them, we paid less tax and sawmore of our government and not in the form of tax adverts on our TV.Fashola currently runs more tax adverts on our radios and TVs than Cadbury and Nestle do combined for Bournvita and Milo respectively. The Lekki/Epe express road is not new and it has been under construction for so long but the tax booths are finished and ready to collect. I just keep wondering, what will Fashola’s campaign theme be for Ipaja and Ayobo,

“Badder roads, Blackouts, Totally disfunctional LCDAs, more properties destruction, badclassrooms and more abandoned projects”,

 I just cant stop wondering!

Now I know it’s “Same of the Same”like Jimi Agbaje said, it is just the faces that as been changing and I dont feel Agbaje would have done better, he’s one of them “same of the same.” I think I will rather have Uncle Say (Sakiru) our former and very useless councillor under Alimosho local government contest for the Lagos state governorship rather than have Babatunde Raji Fashola contest as the chairman of our LCDA, I will rather not vote than vote them into power again…all the noise is about nothing..Fashola as really done nothing better than a politician will do. All I pray for is someone better than most of them… I will work for change and still pray for a miracle.. God we need divine intervention. Amen!

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