Taking The Matter Personal


See I am really getting personal about this, my anger knows no bound and really, I am not smiling.

Steal, kill and destroy like your mentors the crown did in apartheid and elsewhere
Loot to fatten your purse and cause debacle
Take what belongs to all and make it yours and for keep
Train and empower your children with proceeds from the tears of many
And watch them grow to rise and fall before your very eyes
Watch them “kaita” as they grow up to become Mutallab’s and Sonia’s

Work hard at it and miss your exit like Sanni Abacha
Please don’t change your ways because we neither loathe nor despise you
In fact the fools amongst us celebrate you
You are not the fool and your whims are perfect too
But your reign of terror may not last as long as that of IBB the evil genius
Enjoy it while it last though!
So that when it ends
You shall be debonair with pitiful valor

Your end is guaranteed and not assumed
Your outcome is predetermined by your actions and reactions already
So don’t pray for something worst because it can only get worst or wowor!
For you and for your sons and daughters forever
Just say amen as I pray for you
Your silence is consent so it’s better you dig your own grave with your tongue.

You shall live longer than required in order to enjoy it to the fullest
And believe me, We shall Yeh! Ooh! and Aarh!
Like we do now in pain while you smile
We shall sympathize and empathize with you in sincerity
But our empathy will count to nothing
Because it will be karma in action,
What goes around will still be nemesis coming around
No matter what time or age it arrives

I dont need to spare you the details because
You will be around to experience it first hand
All by yourself you will reap the fruit of your labour of vanity in vain
But the best part of the least of your woes I can share with you
So that you can prepare for the better and good,
The bad, worse, worst and wowor part of your woes
Scream Amen! Amen! Amen!

Your sons shall beg my sons for bread and (they shall give them)
Your daughters a piece of their waist to strangers (for cash and kind)
You shall watch helplessly from afar, no tears ’cause you will be dry (without help)
As the castles you built with ills and the one you stole from the helpless (through bribes & looting)
Shall crumble at your feet in grim (no wrecking balls)
No worries sympathizers will contribute to rent you a room (in Kubwa)
Men shall sympathize and women shall wail miserably when you fall (a great fall)
Not because of what has happened already but for what is yet to come (haa! O ma se oo!)
Fret not, because the Lord is with you (AMEN)!

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