Northern Militia

Against sophistication using sophistication
Where strenght is required, it takes God to have it…no human strenght or wisdom can knock of the foolishness that stems from abject illiteracy compounded with religious fanatism in this Borno state birthed Boko Haram rage… if Borno state was represented and ruled by Alimodu Sheriff aka SAS/GAS for more than a decade.. an obvious fool that can hardly make a sane sentence even in his mother tongue.. then be sure foolishness will only begat senine fools… gaskiya

Boko Haram is already a thing of the past.. it’s no longer a problem, it’s just a system that needs to be extinct and will be wiped out soon enough…. Insha Allah. I fail to laugh when i see the Nigerian society make such big noisy fuss about the baseless phenomenon that is raging the north and probably intending to drift down south. I remember trying to explain to a colleague that the trend is a politically engineered movement that someone hidden is hoping to use as an instrument of power, control and a source of easy money… offcourse she disagreed but I hope she read the news about the drugified ex-governor GAS asking for Amnesty Programme for Boko Haram, i keep wondering on what basis if not for the money… hahaha!

I must laugh at this scenario, it’s pretty interesting but in reality, it’s just some crazy drunk trying to create a militant movement on the sandy creek and dry arid sea side of town. Boko Haram died with the then boss of the sect, what we have now is a nothern politician funded movement geared towards profiting. A system against the western education swing will never engage in it enough to study and build, detonate and deploy bombs strategically, some say it’s a way to show how destructive the west is but na lie. Some pot-bellied goated chin alhaji’s are sitted somewhere, employing and exploring the illiteracy of so many in recreating a sect that died already so that the money can be equally shared militant-to-boko-haram. Abeg I know for fact what the whole thingy is in this design but it won’t be a success only if our able president is smart enough to  know the way things are and not dance to the tune of the deserts and savannah that as produced nothing beyond onions, and are bent on draining the nation of the richness produced in its alluvial plains, forest lakes and swamps.

I know that one day, the arid niger will be separated from the real area where productivity makes the round, but till then we will have to shoulder the burden of the north and wait patiently till we dump it deep in the desert where it belongs. I am a friend of Northern Nigeria, but am not happy with the trouble it breeds and problems it creates for the totality of Nigeria and the supremacy it clains to have when it’s just onion they produce and dumb asses that knows little or nothing and are not ready to learn.
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