GEJ’s Explosive Leadership of “IT’S NONE OF MY BUSINESS”


For those who know him, he’s still the same man… For those who don’t, his name is Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), the presiding President of the United States of Nigeria.
It’s now a normal thing for bombs and grenades to go off in certain parts of Nigeria as if it’s some fire-crackers going off during Diwali celebration within the Indian communities in Anthony, Lagos. It’s goes off here and there and everybody just walks by, including the President, the Commander in Chief of all security agencies in the federating states called Nigeria. It is becoming rather unbecoming and quite so sad that the only people that are now affected by these incidents are the victims and their families, even the governors have resolved to pointing to the GEJ, who in turn turns his face the other way in what I will describe in street language as “Ko Kanye”. The Yorubas will say, Eni a mori I ba kumeaning “It only becomes my business when those affected are my own”. Fair enough I would say but the last time I checked, every citizen of this beautiful country is GEJ’s business, so if he chooses to ignore the plight of a single citizen, he’s definitely ignoring the plight of every Nigerian citizen. Perhaps he’s more concerned about the crude in the bowel of this great ship called NIGERIA as the captain, and not the crew that makes the cheap move from bay to bay.

I will reference a few incidents that we are all aware of and I hope everybody reading this will agree with me that at some point, we need to wake up and either boycott or cut out this unholy situation by saying “Enough Is Enough” with a louder voice as Nigerians.
This administration started out on an explosive note in 2010 and hasn’t stopped announcing its intentions with explosions. MEND claimed responsibility for the Abuja bombing in 2010 prior to his declaration but GEJ came out to defend MEND, he categorically stated that it is impossible for MEND to be the culprit in a crime they claimed all by themselves that they committed. The refusal of Henry Okah to get MEND to retract the statement landed him in a South African jail, even with the amount of evidence he presented to show how he was innocent, and how it was a faction of MEND that perpetrated the crime under the defined request of GEJ in an attempt to criminalize the north and present them as saboteurs to his presidential ambitions. The interesting thing in that situation was that the president was more concerned about the criminals than the victims of the crime; his energy was more on exonerating his Ijaw brothers without dishing out justice for the victims. He was complicity in the accusations and counter-accusation so there was no way he was going to nail himself. The dead went ahead and buried their dead and that was the last time he cared about either the bombers or “bombee”.
Fast forward to the new era bombers in boko haram, led by the undisputable Emir of the new caliphates of the Nigeria North Eastern kingdom Shekau, it has been a more explosive experience and since those claiming responsibility are those GEJ wants to be responsible for the crime, neither the bombers, nor the victim are any of his business. I will highlight a few examples that will delight you so you know how uncaring GEJ got over the years. These are events you already know, open facts that will solidify the present attitude of GEJ about the nation and her people.
Sometimes in April 2014, two bombs went off in Abuja the capital city, it took the life of so many Nigerians and we got lucky; GEJ visited the bomb site and paparazzi went wild. His campaign in Kano was due a few days after, instead of showing some milk of human kindness, even if it had to be pretense by canceling the Kano jamboree or something in the class of the crocodile tears of Buhari in those years, but he couldn’t hold his excitement. Naturally one would have taught that the tragic event that led to the world wild campaign #BringBackOurGirls would have dampened his excitement when it happened on April 14, it didn’t, by the next day, GEJ was in Kano dancing “Shoki”. A wiser campaigner would have been remorseful about the incident but “ko kanye mehn!” our dear president grooved under the umbrella like 99. As far as he was concerned, no Ijaw girl was involved. See picture of the dance moves of GEJ in concert below.

Fast forward again to the event of the last few days. I read in the news today and on the official Facebook page of the Nigerian Police Force that all roads leading to Eagles Square will be on lock down because our Golden Son of Otueke GEJ will be declaring what we know already, his intention to run and fail in the next election. The interesting thing about it is that the way Shekau is going, boko might take over Abuja before February 2015. However it is a paradox that the same thing is repeating itself all over again. We’ve had two suicide bombs in Potiskum in just seven days interval and our dear GEJ will not even beg to postpone his declaration or show concern about the events, and rally round to make things work out just better. No moves to improve or install securities at various schools in Northern Nigeria, but every military and police apparatus is taking the roads in Abuja 11/11/14. 
There are no better words to describe the action of our so-called president so far, he’s told us in all Nigerian languages except Swahili that “It’s none of my business”, it is now our choice to decide whether we will continue to make Aso rock his abode since he’s no more interested in the people he’s supposed to represent form the Rock Throne.
I hope you’ve registered to vote, I hope you are ready to kick these bastards under the tattered umbrella out of site. Let’s hope Shekau who has made it is business doesn’t get there before we decide because while GEJ is preparing to declare, Maiha Local Government Area in Adamawa State has been overtaken by Boko Haram militants.
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