Don’t Give That Conned Artist Your Money, God No Dey Collect Tithe Again.

If you go to church tomorrow, dance to the altar, singing and praising as you drop your money (earned or stolen) in the name of tithing, I just need to let you know that you’ll be doing what the Yorubas describe as “Sanwo Mugu” aka “Sanwo S’ade Oyo” i.e you’re dropping “Sara Money” into the account of some already rich dude.

Just so you know, your pastor is not eligible under any Biblical ordinance to receive, accept or collect tithe on behalf of God. According to the Bible, even Jesus Christ himself is not eligible to collect tithe because he’s neither a Levite nor connected in any way to the levitical order, neither are his apostles and there is no record of any of them collecting one.

According to my Bible, Jesus ended the Levitical Order and became my High Priest. If my earthly and heavenly high priest in Jesus is not biblically eligible to collect tithe, who the ‘eff is your pastor demanding such. If Jesus said the temple is no longer required and that it will be destroyed and it happened, how come this rent seekers are going around recreating what Jesus ended and died for so that you and I can be saved, are they not just telling you and me that “Jesus Died For Nothing”

Don’t be deceived by miracles, it’s not a sign of being connected to the throne of grace and mercy, it is just a manifestation of the spiritual in the physical and has nothing to do with being a man of God. Jesus made it clear that he will deny this lots when He returns (check Matt 7:22) so miracle is not the truth, the word of God is the truth.

A Levite is a man dedicated to the service of God, he has no inheritance and no claim to one and such men longer exist in the world of today, even in Israel that your pastors and bishops go for holy pilgrimages. If your pastor is not from Israel, not from the house of Levi, owns a car, a house and the plot of land housing the business centre called church belongs to him, let’s call a spade a spade, HE’S A THIEF AND A LIAR.

If you doubt me, ask your pastor tomorrow, say it loud when you ask and use this exact words. “Sir, do the people of Israel, living in the holy lands of Galilee, Bethlehem and the likes pay tithe?”. If he’s not going to tell you another lie, his first answer should be a capital “NO”, anything beyond that word is a way to find a way to cover up his lies about the money he’s been stealing from you in the name of tithes and offering.

The only time your money gets to God is when you give to the poor, that is why He has blessed you with what you have not so that you can give to your pastor.

God no dey live for church, He doesn’t need your tithe to bless you, He wants you to express his love to those who really need it and not those living fat on your miserable misery. Hear this my brothers and sisters… The book of Malachi was not written to you, it was written to Israel, the priest and levites… when your pastor is quick to open Mal 3:10, ask him or her, if those verses were addressed you or the priest and levites as it is indicated, read through Malachi and ask yourself, how is offering blind, lame or diseased animals for sacrifice applicable to me after Jesus already did the ultimate sacrifice with is life for me. When your pastors is quick to breeze to Mal 3:10, he’s oppressing you and this is what the Lord has to say.

Prov 22:16-17 says: He who oppresses the poor to make more for himself Or who gives to the rich, will only come to poverty. 17Incline your ear and hear the words of the wise, And apply your mind to my knowledge

Do not be conned by this conned artist in suits, garments and robes. Study to show thyself approved, read the Bible like a novel and you will still the truth within, read it spirit filled and you will receive revelations through God’s word.

If things are tight, use your brain, work, earn, grow. Paying tithe will never stop things from being tight… All those cock and bull story you hear about paying tight and experiencing financial explosion na cheap story. God does not need your incentives to bless you. Jara e!

Remember I once told you that I ate my tight, I’m still eating it and I’m already growing some pot belly. Here’s the link to that true story. >>> I ATE MY TITHE


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