Looking For God


God, can you still understand us here?

I grow up knowing that there’s a place where any type if human can go for help and rescue
I look forward to going to church every Sunday
I would dance my heart out with no money in my pocket
I would go back home feeling so happy and fulfilled
But as I grow older, church becomes so different
It started looking like what I can’t fanthom
It becomes the more you give, the more familiar your face would become to the “man of God”
You give little you are known little
You have nothing, you mean nothing
Church becomes all about the clique you belong
It becomes so hard to have a church if you have no job because tithe has to be paid hence you are not yet a bonafide member
Those days you put money in the offering basket without even your left hand knowing what you give to GOD but now people give to “God” with their full names boldly written on it
Hmmmm! I am like
“Who is this accountability to God or Man of God?”
Hmmmm! God I just hope you still understand, at least that the world is now highly civilized and that everything has changed to the world standard and not the Bible’s way
When you go to the club, everybody leaves without anyone back biting but now the church is the headquarter of gossips, each clique gossiping about another
God I hope you still understand?
Church has now become a weekly red carpet if you don’t have those outstanding clothes, maybe you should consider doing your own service with your family at home
Church that I read about in the Bible
Is supposed to mend your broken life and help be the best in your walk with God but now consider bringing enough money if you need to even see the friendly side of the man of God
Most churches now teach you prosperity just for you to bring your tithe and if you do otherwise you are in the black book of the man of God
Every church has the interpretation of the bible according to their conveniences
God I just hope you still understand that the man of God needs to gather wealth?
Jesus, according to what we read in the bible, He always shield His people and provide for them in many ways but now the congregation must take the heat and shield the man of God
Man of God would collect money from politicians and command his congregation to vote for a preferred candidate because he would claim that God has told him to
God, do you still understand this man of God?
Pride, preference, deceit, gossips, fornication, adultery, indecency and all countless evils now reside in the church yet the man of God can’t see
He can only see the checks, the envelopes, the luxurious gifts and the “big men” in the church
Kabiyesi olodumare!!!
YOU have said that in your word that when you come back
Will you meet faith on earth?
Also that the judgment would start from the church
Now I know why you said that
The church is filled with evils and the people who should say the truth are the ones deceiving the people!
God, I just hope you still understand us?
When I say I can’t even tell who the man of God is
I hope you know I sincerely don’t know?
God, I hope you still understand us?
If I remember correctly, the unbelievers named people who act like Christ Christians
But now people’s acts don’t portray their Christianity anymore instead it’s part of their introduction
“I am a Christian”
Unbelievers now rejoice at our follies
Oh come come! See them that said they are Christians
Hmmmm! My Lord, my God
I hope you can still understand everything!!!
Written by Kemisola Adeyemi
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