Your Phones Or Your Partner?


Can anyone answer this question sincerely? Between your phones and your lover, which one do you love most? Which one occupy your heart and mind most? Which one do you care for most? Which one do you devote your time for most? Which one do you cherish most? The answers are personal, you dont need to write them here.

Before the advent of phones of different names and status, love and affection was very direct and uninhibited; people of those period can attest to it that love has a better meaning than the one we practice today. Those are the times you see matured minds in matured relationships (oh how I wish I have grown to marry then). Those are the period people think for love, desire to love and act in love.

Now let’s fast-forward to this our Intelligence Age, where love has become a “lip service”, where affections have become “case studies”, where emotion has become a “course content” and where relationships have become “projects”. We are in a period where love comes second, if not third in our scale of preference. We are in an era where we don’t give a damn if love “contact virus”, we don’t care if emotion is “switched off”, we don’t really mind if affections “develop technical fault”, but as long as our phones are in good shape, no wahala.

Let me use this analogy; assuming you are using iPhone 6S or Samsung S6 or LG G3 or Nokia 1520 or HTC One-M8. I know the way you will be caring for the phone, I know how you will be restless when the battery level reaches 10%, I understand how you will feel if the phone falls, I know how concerned you will become if the phone is scratched and I can picture how you will feel if the phone is faulty. But how do you feel about your lover? How many times have you been restless when the “love signal” is reading 10%? When last did you care for your partner the way you cares for your phones? When last did you “pamper” your partner the way you pamper your phones? When last did you protect your partner the way you buy protective pouches for your phones? When last did you guard your partner the way you buy screen guards for your phones? When last did you feed your partner the way you “feed” your phones with recharge cards and wonderful?

Over time, we have cried in love and cried for love. We blame our partners for negligence, we accuse our partners of not caring enough, we criticize our lovers for not giving us the enough time we deserve, we protest to our partners for lack of care, and sometime, we even go out of our boundary to fight our partners, just because we felt we are being emotionally alienated. But in most cases, we are also guilty of the same accusations we level against our partners. Because if we have been caring for our partners the way we care for our phones, most of these emotional “calamities” would have been avoided.

Ladies and gentlemen, humans are created to be loved, while things are designed to be used. But our problem today is that we have turn things upside down; we now use ourselves and love things. Don’t forget, emotional breakdown is an accumulations of little negligence.

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