Untitled Feelings

For a minute I was forced to admit it, love and it’s intrigues are only for those who can live in denial and walk the path of desires without their eyes open.
How can you love another when it’s harder to even love self and breathe without blinking? How can you feel the heart of another when yours in itself skips so many bits when it is meant to beat more than 60 every minute?
I have tried and failed at it, willing to try again but not as blindly as I have done in the past that seems so far but feels so near that I can smell its breathe.
How do you love a woman whose pain is hidden and joy is nearly preserved? How do you love a man whose heart is shielded and nothing in it is beyond logic and reason, not even a shink in the armour to feed or fuel affection as the heart of his woman desires?
As for me I am willing and will try again…
Hoping that with time your stance will change
I can’t lose what I almost had
I can’t have what I am not given
I can’t embrace if our arms are folded
I can’t love if I’m not given a chance to bear
When you are strong or weak or even between
I could love you without fear
I can and I will deny myself for you and you
Only if you let me in when you are weak
Not just when you are strong
Because love in itself is a weakness that strengthens
Be my weakness
I’ll be your strength
I’m Abidemi Babaolowo Oderinlo

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He's the editor of this planet
The inventor of a rare strain of Eba
Computer enthusiast losan, Wordsmith lale, Rapper loru
He's the favourite invaluable son of Ipaja
The 3rd son of Iya Toyin and
The grandson of a barren woman

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By Babaolowo